When I typed in my JIS/JCS/Odyssey User ID (RACF ID) and password on the main page of JIS or Odyssey, I received an error message that my password was expired.  How do I reset this password?

Washington State court employees with a valid JIS/JCS/Odyssey (RACF) User ID and password may use a self-service facility to reset their passwords.  (For AOC staff, this service also resets your LAN password.)

The Inside Courts Web site home page includes a Reset Your Password link located in the Security box on the upper right side of the Inside Courts home page:

Reset Password from Inside Courts Home

The Reset Your Password function provides two options for resetting your password:

  • If you know your old password.
  • If you don't know your old password.

Click the option that meets your situation and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can continue to manage your sign-on password from the AOC (mainframe) screen.  The online self-service eliminates the need to call the AOC Customer Services or your site coordinator by allowing you to reset your password in the following circumstances:

  • If your password has expired.
  • If you wish to change your password before it expires.
  • If your password has been revoked.

To reset your password via self-service, you must have first (BEFORE the expiration or revocation occurred) self-registered for the reset utility service.  See further instructions and a link to self-register for the Password Reset utility, located from the Reset Your Password link on the Inside Courts home page.

Any application-specific password (e.g., the JIS Main Menu (MAM) password and/or Cashier ID) must still be changed within the application and reset by your site coordinator.

NOTE:  The RACF ID and Password is what you use to access the Judicial Access Browser System (JABS).  The "Reset RACF Password" link on the JABS logon page also takes you to the Reset Your Password self-service utility on Inside Courts.

See also:

  • Resetting a revoked or expired JIS/JCS/Odyssey sign-on (RACF ID) password using RACF Administration
  • Using password standards when creating or changing a JIS/JCS/Odyssey sign-on (RACF ID) password.
  • JIS Online Manual: Administrative Tasks section "RACF Administration" (for Site Coordinators and Administrators).
  • JIS Online Manual: JIS Signon, Navigation, and Sign-off section "Changing Passwords."
  • For information on resetting a JIS (Main Menu)/JABS Password: Resetting a user's JIS Main Menu (MAM) password or cashier ID


If you are the administrator or site coordinator and need assistance resetting your own password, the AOC Customer Services would prefer to walk through this with you on the phone.  Please call AOC Customer Services at 1-800-442-2169, Option 1.

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